5 Tips To Make Your Speech Memorable

Everyone has to face public speaking in some point in their lives. You never know when you are going to speak in public. It might be at the wedding of a friend of yours, or at the school of your children.

Think of the last time you spoke passionately about something to a friend or colleague. Chances are you weren’t feeling nervous or at a loss for words, and most likely you left little doubt about your feelings and position on the subject. When delivering your opening statement, create that same strong need for the jury to understand where you and your client stand. The stronger your desire is for them to listen, the less you’ll focus on yourself.

Make all movements purposeful : Moving just to move or out of nervousness is annoying for the audience. There is no need to move all the time. Try standing planted from time to time.

If you need to refer to something that you wrote on a page at a later point in your presentation, rip off the page and ask someone to tape it up on the wall – don’t forget to bring big masking tape for this.

OKeep your message short and concise. The speaker’s presentation training are not judged based on how long his or her speech is. Use plain language and remember that the shorter your message is, the more you achieve audience participation.

If a friend of you wants or needs to become a better public speaker too then why not train with him. It will be very helpful for both of you since you can always correct each other and learn that much more.

This is a development with the point above. Recovering from blunders makes you seem far more human. Say not constantly what you know, but usually know what you say.

Don’t talk too fast, don’t try and present too much information and don’t have too many slides (if you are doing a power-point presentation). Not too long ago I sat in a presentation where the speaker had over forty slides for a forty minute presentation.

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