Are You Providing Elderly Care For Someone You Love?

Losing fat is not as easy as losing weight. Losing weight with the wrong diet program can make things worse and cause your body to lose muscle while accumulating fat. This can cause a mushy look, which makes you look fatter while weighing less. A fat cleanse may be the solution.

An awareness of surroundings. Much like crossword puzzles do for senior citizens suffering from memory loss, a dog will keep senior citizens minds sharp. Having to remember to feed your dog, take them out to use the bathroom, play with them and even reading the everyday signs of your pet to make sure your pet is not sick, feeling bad, etc. are the many ways that help senior citizens stay in tune with their common sense abilities.

Help your body clear these waste products so your thyroid can work the way it is supposed to, by keeping cells active, metabolism strong and to clear waste instead of storing it. Eating a healthy, clean diet of mainly organic fruits, vegetables and proteins will be a good start.

Herbal health claims have always left me skeptical. I’m not a medical practitioner, but rather a professor of Middle East & African History. Commonsense tells me that if green tea cures cancer, as some herbalists claim, broccoli prevents Alzheimers, and gingko reverses aging, then what do we need cemeteries for? However, three weeks ago, I had an experience that made me take a second look, not at miracle cures but at the medicinal effects of licorice on toothaches. I had been sitting at my desk, preparing my lectures when a pain shot through my jaw. Within minutes, the throbbing pain had intensified to the point that I could barely stand up.

Garlic! Garlic is probably the most important of all herbs and vegetables. The reason for this is quite simple: it has healing properties higher than most others. Consequently, most illnesses are at their peaks in winter and having fresh garlic is priceless!

Herbicides, additives and preservatives may be added during the growth, processing and manufacturing of food. Air pollution and cigarette smoke may get in your system, introducing yet more toxins. Metabolism of the bacteria also generates toxins.

If any of these 4 things are happening, it is best to get in touch with a dementia care or Alzheimer’s care specialist to address these issues. Though they may not be able to cure your family member, they can at least keep them safe and help them deal with their condition more effectively.

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