Bearded Dragons Care For Beginners

The children (aged 4 & 6) who live across the road are eager to return to school, or should I say their Mom is eager! Today, she had kept them busy making terrariums out of soda bottles that had been going into their recycling bins.

This is an outward indication that there’s a three fold problem going on inside him-he’s stressed, he’s feeling the effects of the too small area and he wants out. A 40 gallon enclosure is the very least you should use if you’re bringing home an adult Beardie. Anything less than that is simply too small.

9)Always be sure your lizard has access to fresh, clean water! Some lizards only drink dew drops from Terrarium workshop leaves but these species are not among the beginner’s species. Even desert lizards – and that includes all of the beginner species I’ve listed – can and will drink from a dish, and even enjoy soaking if the dish is large enough. Soaking also makes skin shedding easier for your lizards.

2)Avoid getting a species that people think of as “pets” but are really very challenging to keep properly. Among those species to avoid: iguanas, Nile monitors, chameleons, and small species that grow to only 3 – 8 inches in length.

The terrarium should also have an adequate amount of heat. The beetles prefer a temperature anywhere between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. You can buy a reptile lamp to provide them with this heat. The bulb should be either 50 or 70 watts.

Don’t be alarmed if they scamper about frantically for the first few minutes. This is stressful for them, but soon enough they’ll calm down and begin to explore more leisurely. We recommend gently misting inside the terrarium workshop singapore just before they enter, in case they are thirsty. They will lap up drops of water from the twigs, branches, and rocks you have used to decorate their home.

BONUS TIP 2) Do not use heat rocks to keep diurnal lizards warm! The lizards are, frankly, not “wired” to know that their bellies are actually cooking, and they may stay on the rock until badly injured or dead! Leopard geckos, however, will be fine with a heat rock or two.

Dermestid beetles are very useful for cleaning off skulls. Just treat your colony with care and they will get the job done for you very quickly. If you’re up to the task, then try keeping two of them to cut the time in half.

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