Christian Bale Backstage At The 2011 Golden Globe Awards

It has been said that it’s not rocket science to figure out what the Holy Bible says regarding personal deliverance from our crumbling world system, but it may as well be so. (Please view our last posting by clicking here: ignorance and stupidity of religion and politics) If someone tells you they have figured it out, because someone else explained it to them, would that make any difference to you? Good question.

This behaviour continued until half way through third year, when Brother Tallon arrived and changed the school. At this point I would like to acknowledge the fantastic brothers that I meet. As everything in life, there is no black and white. A lot of the brothers were complete Gents, Brother Creedon who I cycled with, The brothers Brien, who I canoed with. With these guys I spent, weeks on a remote Island in Schull, Co.Cork. They were christen giving understanding and generous Christian apologetics to a fault. I don’t think it fair to condemn all.

You know all that whining and crying y’all are way deep into right now? Well keep it up, and better yet, get used to it. If this is how you act at the mention of Sarah Palin, how much of an ass will you make of yourselves when the morning of November 5th is your personal Hell?

Lewis had a truly unbelievable photographic memory, easily quoting pages from books that someone happened to mention. This gift was obviously a very great help to his studies, writing, lectures, etc.

He went on to write many novels, including The Space Trilogy, Till We Have Faces, and The Screwtape Letters, and books on Christian apologetics, like The Problem of Pain, The Abolition of Man, and Mere proof for God. In 1950, he published The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, the first of the seven Chronicles of Narnia books.

Within the first six months I started vomiting every morning, my mother brought me to every specialist for 12 months, no answers. I couldn’t eat breakfast and until around 6 years ago, this was the case. I now understand that I was terrified, so much that my stomach reacted. This made everything with rochee worse, as the more he hit me, the more sick I got, the more behind I got, the more I got hit. My personal record was 128 strikes in one go. The worse part was he would have you change hands after every 10. The first of the ten was the hardest , he would hit a kind of beat, so the strikes would lose force. He would then have you change hands and the dance would start again.

In the end the Brothers did a lot of terrible things, but they also did a lot of great. Edmund Rice idea was to educate the poor, they did it. Unfortunately the harm that was done will not be forgotten, but neither should the good.

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