General Snake Care Sheet

So you’ve decided a tarantula is the right pet for you. Your next decision would be choosing the right habitat for the pet. While it’s possible to let a tarantula roam around your house freely, it’s not a very good idea. Not only do you risk the chance of losing the pet, but the chances of it getting hurt are far too high. A terrarium is your best bet for keeping your tarantula safe and healthy.

The Terrarium Workshop that you provide for your bearded dragon should come with a screen top that can be easily removed. This is how you will gain easy access to your beardie for feeding and interaction. It is never recommended that you let your beardie roam freely around your house as these creatures are extremely curious and may try to eat something that can be harmful to them.

Why is humidity important, you might ask. Well, when the animal is shedding, the increased humidity or moisture in the air helps them to get out of their skin more easily. The humidity in their living quarters, called a Terrarium workshop, should be around around 40%. Many pet stores sell devices for measuring humidity.

Selection of plants – People often fret over which plants go with which plants and you should give this no thought at all. Select an odd number of plants such as 3, 5 or 7 and select them with a variety of leaf shapes. Some should have slender stalks and others should have round and full leaves. Try to vary the color of the plants too. As you are browsing for your plants place them side by side to see what they will look like in an arrangement. Does it look attractive? Do the plants compliment each other. Move the pots around and look for attractive arrangements.

A terrarium, greenhouse, or other type of shelter can also help you maintain the correct temperature levels for your orchids. Again, the species of orchid will determine its favorite temperatures but a general range is sixty-five to eighty degrees. Cooler temperatures by ten or fifteen degrees overnight will aid the plant in flowering abundantly.

Some great ways to use your handmade terrariums might include decoration, gifting, or even selling at local craft shows or online. I bet your Mom would love to open up a package on Mother’s Day to find beautiful herbs that you planted yourself. Another great holiday would be Valentine’s Day for your significant other that loves to cook. Of course you could do them for birthdays and other holidays as well, but those were two of my favorites!

When it comes to food, you can give your iguana some vegetables and fruits. Kale, turnips, carrots, apples, cilantro, lettuce, and sweet potatoes are ideal options. Fresh water should also be generously given. With proper iguana care, your pet can live up to twenty long years.

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