Homemade Solar Panels – Why You Should Build Your Own Solar Power Generators

Global Warming has become a huge issue these days. What most people do not realize is that global warming and cooling is a cycle that the earth has gone through for millions of years. Right now, the earth is in its warming phase and us humans are accelerating that phase to a pace that the earth may not be able to cope with. In fact the earth is warming faster than it ever has in the past, due to human emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Once we have all this power stored in our battery bank we need to convert it to usable ac power. This is accomplished by our 2500 watt inverter. The battery bank and the inverter are connected by very large gauge welding cables. An inverter takes the 12 volt dc power from the battery bank and changes it to 120 volts of ac power so that we can use household appliances such as coffee makers, microwaves for use in our travel trailer and most importantly on our service truck, for all our power tools.

Hire a professional. A more affordable is to hire a professional to build you placas solares autoconsumo or a wind turbine. This would still require a significant amount of investment though. Professional fees can cost several hundreds of dollars. Of course, you still need to buy materials and tools for the project. Still not the best option for people who are trying to save money.

In the U.S the energy consumption in an average household from highest to lowest goes like this space heating space self-consumption cooling water heating lighting computer and other electronic appliances refrigeration and then the other types.

Solar energy can be calculated with a map such as the one on the Sun Wize website. This is called a world solar insolation map. “Insolation” means it is exposed to the sun’s rays. The map shows how many hours of each day a country is exposed to the sun’s rays – in the worst month of the year. In other words, the map shows how much solar energy the country gets each day.

The average time for a homeowner to get the money back on their investment is anywhere from 12 years to 20 years. For this industry to take off that figure I believe will have to go down to around 5 to 7. Not that far really. It could actually go below that.

A great place to start is with your home computer. Turn it off when not in use or at least set it to a lower power setting (Computers left running consume electricity and generate heat that your AC must cool off.), turn your thermostat up a degree or two and use ceiling fans whenever possible. Periodically check for lights left on – inside and out – as well as fans running in empty rooms. Also, close AC vents and doors to rooms not being used.

People can act now, and many already are by buying and installing these solar panels. With the war on terror looking like it could last decades many look upon this investment as not only a clean green solution and a smart investment on increasing the value of their home, but as almost a patriotic gesture in a way to free us from the dependence on middle eastern oil and natural gas.

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