How To Easily Improve Public Speaking Skills

Self-confidence is a crucial element in public speaking success. You are not speaking just to hear yourself talk – you are speaking because you have something to say. Before you can command the attention of your audience, you have to believe that you have a message that is worth listening to and that you have the ability to communicate it effectively. If you don’t believe it, your audience will not believe it.

In public speaking much of your communications occurs through movement and gesture. However, in a teleseminar your audience can’t see the movements or gestures. They can on the other hand, hear their effect on you. So you need to adapt your movements and gestures. Where a gesture was use to communicate an emotion you may still want to make that gesture to help the emotion show in your voice. But you will probably need to communicate that emotion using other less visual means as well.

The second thing to remember is, everyone feels the fear of public speaking at least once. No matter how much experience a speaker may have, they may still experience the butterflies in the stomach or the clammy hands. The fear is natural and is nothing to be ashamed of at all. You must realize that you are not alone in your fear and that the sooner you work through it the sooner you will not fear public speaking anymore.

Watch how they engage their audience, their timing, their use of (appropriate) humour, how they dress, how they incorporate their audio-visual stuff, how they start, how they conclude.

However, when you combine a southern accent and someone who has poor presentation skill classes then you have a disaster in the making. Still, it does give comedians something to talk about.

Would you say, “you’re an idiot, no one will listen to you” or “wow, you’re going to fail”? No, of course not! You would be supportive and encouraging – and help them build their self-confidence through practice, feedback and positive speaking experiences. If you would never dare say these negative words to a child or friend, then why are you saying them to yourself? Why not treat yourself with the same care and gentleness that you use with others?

Instead of letting fear stop you, be a samurai. Take every step forward and never look back. Each presentation, resolve to never be stopped by your fear.

You might be thinking at this point “how do I give speeches like this?” The manual has all the information you need to follow. Plus, in the group, you will be assigned a mentor to help you through all your speeches.

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