Life Coaching In Focus: Everybody Needs A Life Coach

Why become a life coach? You may find yourself interested in learning how to help someone improve their life, or you could want to learn a new skill. Here are seven powerful reasons that will help you decide whether or not being a life coach is for you.

Suddenly, I remembered reading from the book BOTH my kids have given me on separate occasions which cautioned that telling the same story over and over again may mean one is becoming, what is affectionately called, “A little old lady”. I’m not ready yet!

If you feel like you don’t have the time you have to become dedicated to make the time. Look at any areas where you could better manage your time. Are you doing anything in your day that is not contributing to your living the life you dream of living? If you watch television could you turn the television off an hour earlier a day and dedicate that time to studying? If you are day dreaming about living a fulfilled life why not use the time you are day dreaming to making it a reality? Are you spending unproductive time surfing the internet, chatting on social networks, texting or anything else that is not helping you live more rewarded and fulfilled? If so that time can easily be converted into time used to help you pursue your dream of becoming a Certified life coaching online Coach.

In this analogy, apples represent money. To take this analogy further…Involved in your intention to get the apples (money) to make your pie (your dream), you start to make a plan to get the apples based on what’s readily available. You might think to yourself whether you have to go out to get the apples at a market, whether the market has the kind of apples that are good for baking, whether you want to save money on the apples or save money on gas by choosing a market closer to home even if the apples cost more.

So, over the past two and a half years, my life has changed dramatically. I have left my psychology practice of 20 years and am retooling as a life coach. I am in the process of starting a new business, Phoenix Rising Coaching, a business designed to provide life coach certification to people in transition who want to thrive following change.

Almost all coaches work telephonically (many do not even offer in person meetings), so distance should not be a problem if you are willing to settle for working by phone. Often times people prefer the ability to be more anonymous. Just know that it is most likely that you will need to contact the coach so if they are out of your local area code you may incur a charge for phone time if you do not have unlimited long distance.

The second life coach training to become aware of is we may have justifications for not embracing the new challenge. We can flounder in self-pity or we can desire to be great. Annie was “contented” in her wheelchair, and pushed back when a solution was offered that would permit her to walk once more. The solution was unquestionably hidden in overalls, and it took almost a year of frustration and tears to achieve. It was not actually “free coach training” for Annie. She absolutely earned it.

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