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Look into your company’s successes and failures. Determine which area is in need of improvement and look for ways to do so. By looking into the strengths and weaknesses that each member exhibits, you would know which areas to improve on. Also, this would give you an idea of how to optimize the team’s strengths to reach that common goal and contribute to the company’s success.

Other, more practical Team building activities seem to abound on the net. I say “seem” because there are actually just a few that are copied and made available from a large number of sites. Search for games like “Spider’s Web”, for example, and you’ll see almost 9,000 results. Apart from the fact that there are relatively few of them despite them being so widespread, they are also relatively short activities. Whereas Lost at Sea and similar options can gainfully engage a team for up to an hour and half or more, these free practical options are best suited to 15 minutes slots. In fact they are probably better as icebreakers than they are to run a full team session.

Drawing tip: Draw some images on a paper and make sure images must be decorated with beautiful colors so that child may take interest in this activity. After that, make your child to find out that thing in his room and try to teach them the name of the thing as well. Those children, who have severe autism issues, start from the very basic things they like to have.

If it’s difficult to track down good, free options of the first two types, meeting ice breakers is quite the reverse. Searching for that term will give you a huge range of mostly really good ideas. As mentioned above, you can add to these some of the shorter activities you may have found as well and you will have enough to last you a lifetime of Team building activities sessions!

Mercy had no place in this contest. I had to win. So I jerked my steering wheel to the right and knocked his car into the wall. He crashed and his car burst into a huge fireball and disintegrated. I grunted a mirthless gotcha as I shot past to get the checkered flag and win the race.

It’s all about expectations. When leading my corporate team building activities, I find it helpful to remember that people come in with a variety of pre-conceived notions. Perhaps they recall with fondness the particular type of scavenger hunts they did as children; perhaps they are expecting a familiar brand of treasure hunt clues, a customary level of competitiveness, or a remembered quality in the prizes. I think our job as facilitators of team building exercises is to remind participants to have an open mind to what’s happening in the present. Our programs are bound to be slightly different from what people are expecting, but who knows? The new experience could just present a mighty tasty new plate of eggs!

This is just some of what we would say if asked our thoughts on company team building. Rather than assuming the responses will only be negative, go ahead and solicit our input. That way, the company can save time and money and all of us will benefit from the process. It is quite a simple and easy solution, we think.

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