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Industrial shrink wrap protects and groups products during shipment. The shrink wrap film is plastic and, when heated, it shrinks and conforms to the products’ shapes to protect them from dirt, moisture, and damage in transport. Different types of shrink wrap film as well as different types of shrink wrap machines are available for the different needs of companies that use shrink wrap.

I guess the next step up from the residential machine would be to go into the commercial range equipment. Not only does the quality increase here but also the style of machine, you have more options.

For those items of clothing that are delicate and light weight and require a gentle wash, mini washing machines are perfect. You can wash and then hang dry without having to hand wash or go to the laundromat just for the delicates. You don’t have to worry about the big Shuttle Looms of the laundromat tearing them up either.

There are now two main types of shrink wrap machines available. These are known as I-bar and L-bar shrink wrap machines. Both machines are relatively easy to set up. I-bar machines are typically designed for low to mid-volume shrink wrapping and L-bar sealers are designed for mid to high-level shrink wrapping.

Assess Your Use – This comes first. You need to pay a close look on the works (filling, capping etc.) you have to do. Once you have an idea about your particular uses and works associated to your industry, you can land a good deal.

When you regularly have to order products from a company, it is essential that they have good customer service. There is not much that is more annoying than being stuck on hold for twenty minutes to make an order. You would be wise to choose a company that has a good website where you can do automatic reordering or email questions. It is also nice if they do have a good phone set-up so that you can speak to a real person when you need to do so.

These are just a few tips to think about when caring for your machine whether it is a domestic home machine or you have an industrial or walking foot sewing machine. They all need the best care and you can prevent a lot of problems through good maintenance.

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