Raid Data Recovery-How To Create And Recover Raid0 & Raid5 Array?

Your customer data is a precious resource that can literally be worth its weight in gold! If used properly, it can be mined over and over for additional sales and referrals. Do you use this gold mine to increase the profitability of your business?

The odzyskiwanie danych companies use some proprietary tools for the purposes which are very costly indeed. So it is better to go for the recovery company rather than tempting to buy one.

Wrap your hard drive in anti-static material. It’s always best to wrap your drive in the original manufacturer’s packaging. If that’s not possible, a freezer bag will do.

The first thing that you should do is not use your computer until an expert repair person can look at it. If you continue to use your computer in some of these situations, you could experience even greater data loss.

Recommendation is obviously a great place to start as to who you will allow to look at your media containing your critical or precious data, ask friends and colleagues if they have been in a similar situation, who did they use and what was the outcome?

Windows XP has a unique file allocation system. Your file is stored by the operating system in a file cluster. When a file is deleted, XP does not remove it from the file cluster. It simply marks the space as available. The electronic footprint of the deleted file is still stored in the hard drive until it is overwritten by other programs or files.

Back up your data before an install. There have been some reports that there’s no way to install Windows 7 without deleting your hard drive. This simply isn’t the case, but upgrades can erase files, so back up all of your data before trying to install the operating system. Better safe than sorry–professional data recovery services can sometimes cost thousands of dollars, and they’ll be laughing at you for not backing up the entire time.

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