The Best Music For Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching. Your children are selecting their costumes or perhaps they have known that hey wanted to be for quite some time now. Are you a parent who is apprehensive about taking your child out to trick-or-treat? You are not alone. Parents and communities are often looking for creative ways for children to enjoy a safe trick-or-treat night. Many businesses and towns now offer daytime or evening activities for children in a fun and safe environment.

As an activity for your Halloween party you will have a costume contest. You will need enough small pieces of paper for your guests to vote for the Scariest Costume, Funniest Costume, Best Costume, and Grossest Costume.

Each family who is attending your open house should bring a covered dish. This is a great way to ensure having plenty of food to go around without needing to buy or cook all the food yourself. You can provide snacks and juices/soft drinks for the children and parents who attend the Halloween Open House.

Children love being creative and silly, so Halloween charades is perfect for a kids Halloween party. Use index cards to right down the names of common Halloween costumes and characters. Have the kids split in to two teams. On each teams turn, one team member will stand up and act out the character from the card they have drawn. They have one minute to do so. After all the cards have been used the team with the most guessed wins.

Kids love games like musical chairs and freeze dance. Buy a tape or CD of halloween and play Halloween freeze dance or musical chairs.Have the kids dance or go round and round the chairs. when the music stops whoever is moving or not in a chair is out. The last kid standing wins! The kids will love dancing to the monster mash in their Halloween costumes!

Purple People Eaters – Sheb Wooley: A novelty song from 1958 that has stood the test of time for over fifty years now. It actually reached #1 on the Billboard charts and is a favorite every Halloween. The song was inspired by the child of a friend of the singer/songwriter, Sheb Wooley. It’s about how a strange monster, described as a “one-eyed, one-horned flying purple people eater”, descends to earth because it wants to be in a rock ‘n’ roll band. The music video is definitely dated, but certainly not this classic Halloween song.

These are just a few of the thematic party games you could create to go along with your Halloween bash! Think of your favorite game and create a holiday twist.

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