The Five Top Outdoor Activities

Contrary to what others believe, the snow season is one of the greatest opportunities to bond with our family and friends. Instead spending our time indoors sleeping or watching TV, there are outdoor winter activities that we could try.

Many of my Team building activities involve the use of relays with simple equipment such as easy to catch balls. I find an area away from the classroom, with a flat surface and in the shade, if possible. A school hall or covered area is ideal.

Stacking cups: Stacking cups to create the tallest structure. This requires a leader and people to follow out the plan. In this game the group will learn to work together to create the best possible result. The Team building activities with the highest and most complex structure will win.

A second family, also with a limited amount of disposable income, decides to look for something that is not only a fun activity, but has the added benefit of going outside for some fresh air and a bit of exercise. With just a little bit of internet searching, they find a cheap way to get involved in boating with the purchase of a couple of inflatable kayaks. Once thought of more as a toy, modern advancements in their manufacture have now placed them into the ranks of safe, durable, and most importantly, affordable watercraft.

Amoeba race: Divide the participants into teams of at least five children in each group. All teams must have the same number of members. Let one child stand in the center to form the nucleus of the amoeba. The other participants have to stand around the nucleus, facing outward, and link their elbows together. Draw tracks for each team and make the teams race each other. The person who is the nucleus can direct the team forward. This is a fun activity which helps build cooperation and competition.

If it’s difficult to track down good, free options of the first two types, meeting ice breakers is quite the reverse. Searching for that term will give you a huge range of mostly really good ideas. As mentioned above, you can add to these some of the shorter activities you may have found as well and you will have enough to last you a lifetime of team sessions!

Team building and experiential training are long term projects. At the end of the session ask the team what to do to harness the energy and ideas that were generated. Create a concrete plan to follow up. Even go so far as to write down and put the goals and skills learned from the team building program into evaluations for the team members.

Have some team-building activities during practices. For instance, have the players stand in a circle and pass the ball around the circle. Time how long it takes. Then ask them to try again and beat their time. Watch them work together to figure out how to go faster.

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