Top Ten Candle Making Supply Additives

First off, as far as soy candle making wax goes, soy is relatively new in the industry. With out a doubt soy candle making an excellent choice of wax for all your container and pillar projects. The industry is constantly searching for materials with characteristics that lend themselves to candle making but go the next step and are eco-friendly and natural too.

You may or may not want to scent your candles. If you decide to scent them, you will need to decide what type of fragrance you want to use. Again, you might need to experiment a little with different fragrances. Some are more potent or concentrated than others and some work better in paraffin wax but don’t work well in soy wax. Adjust the amount of fragrance you use based on the type of wax you are using.

First Candle Making tip – For the thrifty, smart or when considering your business ROI (return on investment), shop the bargain stores and craft stores when they offer discounts.

That is all that you have to do, this is why it is a great project when it comes to Candle making workshop for kids, it is simple to do and it is safe. If you want, beeswax sheets come in a variety of different colors so you can always roll the candle that you made in to another sheet of beeswax that is a different color. Young children as well as adults really like this part as it is fun.

The next type of molds are those made of aluminum. It can withstand extreme heat and be used again and again. To clean, stand them upside down on absorbent paper lined baking sheets, pop them in a 150 degree oven for a few minutes for the leftover wax to melt and drip. Aluminum molds produce seamless, smooth candles that usually just slide out when hardened. This rigid material is better for making votive or pillar candles though, and so are generally limited in shape and size.

Another common type is Soy wax. Soy candle wax is one of the newest candle waxes on the market available for purchase. Although it is relatively new, it is becoming a popular wax choice. People are enjoying it because it is a renewable resource and is also biodegradable. Another great thing about this wax is it can be melted in a microwave. It is a quick and easy wax to make candles with. As this type of wax is quite soft, it must be used in a container candle.

Step # 1. Prepare your molds, If you are cutting soda cans then be safe as you do not want to cut yourself. You are going to want to make sure that the molds are clean and dry. Spray some vegetable oil in them or simply whip them with olive oil in order to make sure that the wax does not stick to the mold when it dries.

Once the wax is melted and ready to pour, you will need a mold or container prepared. Votive kits usually come with a set of votive molds and pre-tabbed wicks that you simply secure to the bottom of the mold before pouring the wax. There is a wide range in prices for candle kits based on how inclusive they are. For lower priced kits, you will probably have to furnish your own equipment. Things like the thermometer and a double boiler pot might be items you already have and can use only for candle making. Some of the popular kits which are available in market today are Beeswax Candles Kit, Gel Making Kits and Marbled Candle Kit.

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