When I Entered The Home Business Arena

It all started the Fall of 2006, SJB Weddings & Events was born. I decided that I was going to follow my gut and become an event planner. My philosophy was No Regrets! I’ll try my best to make my company a success and if it fails, at least I had the guts to try. Guess what? My philosophy has changed, now failure is not an option. It’s funny, but this company is like my baby. It has “ME” written all over it. When people see SJB Weddings & Events they are looking at me, because it is full of my character and values. It is truly my passion and after four years of college, two years of graduate school and seven years in corporate America, I finally realized it.

Dream a minute. If you could live any way you wanted, how would it be? Would you live in the tropics, on a mountain, or by a stream? Maybe you wish to be close to all the good things in life in the world’s largest cities. Irrespective of what your dream, a Web business will help you to get there. Online enterprise opportunities the reality. Opportunities are all over the net. Almost each time you visit any webpage it belongs to someone that’s running that site as a business. There are uncountable billions of pages online and people made each one of them. They were forced to do that for a reason, and the explanation is the Net is a brilliant spot to do small scale business.

It’s easy to get excited about your business ideas opportunity. Some people will even tell you that your excitement will help you get others excited about it. This is true, but only to a certain extent. It really depends on the person you’re talking to.

First, the program is focused. This is the number one reason why you should think about taking the training. In other programs in Landmark Forum, the members are engaged in group discussions. The discussions are designed to help identify challenges in life and find solutions to most of them. This is an effective option but might at times leave people with intricate needs in the dark. This is where Landmark Personal Coaching comes in. The program has been tailored to fill loopholes left by traditional training.

To some, this concept may be a little crazy or make complete sense. If you are a small startup business owner or just starting a business, I am going to guess that you don’t have the budget to advertise on billboards, TV or radio. Plus, sponsoring the local little league team really won’t help that much. So, we have learned that you don’t have much advertising capital, need customers and you like to drink.

You wouldn’t buy a car without comparison shopping. Why buy a business that way? There are literally dozens of ways to cash in on the internet money boom. Do you want the jump-start that goes with name recognition and support from a parent company? Then a franchise business might be right for you. Do you want total control over what you sell and for how much? Then you’ll want a business that lets you stock your own shelves. Are you creative and want to capitalize on your artistic abilities? Look into a storefront to market your own work. The possibilities are endless. Your hardest job is finding one that suits your style best.

Another thing that you have to decide before you start to market your business is where are you going to get the things you are selling? Are they hand made things that you make yourself, or are they things that you have designed or purchased from somewhere else? All of these decisions will come into play and need to be thought through before you even begin your home business.

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