Acid Reflux / Heartburn – Symptoms, Prevention And Treatment

There is no nutritional benefit in drinking soft drinks at all since they are mostly filtered water and refined sugars and yet the average American drinks about 57 gallons of soft drinks each year.

In fact, most recently, a Purdue University study released in the journal Behavioral Neuroscience showed that rats given artificial sweeteners gained more weight than rats given the real thing. Why?

Phosphoric acid may well interfere with the body’s power to use calcium. This can lead to osteoporosis or softening of the bones and teeth. Phosphoric acid also neutralizes the hydrochloric acid in your belly, which can interfere with digestion. Your human body requires an acidic environment in the stomach to digest nutrients.

Many people drink a glass of milk to ease the pain. It works quickly to soothe the esophagus. In some people, the relief is short lived because the calcium in milk activates Formic Acid in the stomach and the heartburn continues.

Kevin: Yes. The food industry is doing a lot of things that some people would say are questionable and putting things out either hoping or suspecting that they will work. One of myths is irradiation of foods. What foods are being irradiated? Because I don’t even know if I know for sure. What is it doing?

Milk – Milk is a beverage which is normally always out there in all people’s refrigerators. A glass of milk can give a fast relief. Whenever you really feel acidity or heartburn, pour a glass of cold milk and drink it slowly. Milk helps within the manufacturing of enzymes and dilutes the acid produced within the stomach.

Humanity has benefited tremendously from the strides made my technology and research. There have also been advancements that have been found over the years to be curses in disguise. The human body is a system that runs on chemicals. Some of these chemicals are manufactured in the body. The food industry seems to have taken the stance that if it’s in the body, you can manufacture it artificially and put more into the body. The problem is that too much of a good thing throws the body off balance and people are ending up sick.

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