How To Make Hip Hop Beats Using Sonic Producer In 5 Easy Steps

Many people over look the fact that learning how to sell beats on SoundClick is probably the best way for you to make money as a producer online. Selling rap instrumentals for extremely low price tags (as low as $100 for exclusive rights or $300) can be very profitable if you go about it the right way. Professionals know that you can get a lot more than that selling beats to record labels, but that way of selling beats is high risk and full of problems. Many majors don’t come through.

What do “Stems” mean? Arises are monitors that you can mix yourself to really create your songs exclusive. The come might involve surpasses, bass appears to be, drums and words. This will allow you at add you own results to each aspect. A regular defeat would just be smooth and you would have to perform with it.

SEQUENCERS are essentially computerized music scores. In the same way that a musician reads a music score and plays the patterns of music indicated, a computer reads a sequence or pattern of sounds that you input and then plays them back to you in real time. This is great because it means that you don’t need to be able to play an instrument in order to create music using your computer, all you need is a piece of music software with a sequencer and a mouse and keyboard to input the musical data.

Track – A track is what you record an instrument or beats on. The term used to have more relevance when recording was done on magnetic tape. Different types of tape had a certain number of “tracks” that ran along it, which were read or played by a stereo. Generally when using software to record your beats for sale, one instrument or sounds at a time be added to a track. Whole beats, with all of its parts can be one added to a track. Or, parts of a beats, such as just a snare, or just the bass drum, will have its own track for mixing and panning (more on this later).

Next is the bass line that needs to be added after the kick and hat set up. You can select a bass instrument from the options available in the program and select the number of kicks that you want it to coordinate with. Here you can vary your notes and can try the D-E-D-C initially.

So before I bought the product to make my review I stopped by you tube as I always do and analyzed what the you tube community were saying about this product. I was ready for some major dislikes the first page I went to already had over 100,000 views and I was shocked to say the least almost all comments on there were saying how good this product was.

You also need to make sure that when you make own hip hop beats you get the samples cleared properly. if you don’t clear it out properly then if you want to be a hip hop music producer in the future then you might just harm your chances for that happening. The best way to clear out samples is to contact companies which are really obtain a sort of clearance for you, you should do this if you don’t have a publisher or you don’t have your own means.

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