Romance On Stealth Mode

If you’ve been turned down when you ask a girl for a date, and being unromantic was the reason given to you, know that she didn’t make up that reason.

Unfortunately, when you’ve been in a stable relationship for some time, you may notice your man becoming less and less romantic. Why does this happen? What is really happening? You know he loves you, but then why isn’t he doing the things that make your heart flutter and sing anymore?

Of course, he loves you. Of course, he wants to resolve the issues. But, you can’t always expect him to resolve the issues perfectly. You have to help him out. You have to give his mind a direction so that he can spot the core problems and fix them.

When I think of romance, I think about the romantic era from the nineteenth century. Men like Lord Byron, John Keats, Franz Liszt were not about doing routine things to get women’s approval; they were on a search for beauty. They offered a certain freedom, inviting women into something bigger than what they currently knew.

Have a Romantic Dinner: Whether you decide to have it at home or somewhere else, what matters is making it to be a romantic dinner. Remember your aim is to bring the tube gay back. You’re already aware that lighting scented candles, soft romantic music playing (like Luther Ronzoni Vandross’ songs) and bottle of wine or champagne will make dinner to be a romantic one.

Some people try to bring in certain elements in a romantic novel just to appeal to the masses which many a times does them no good. When you are writing a romantic novel, just throw everything out of the window and focus on what you want to write and how you want to write. If you focus on writing what you feel others would like then you end up losing your creativity, adding an unnecessary pressure on yourself and a fate of disappointment in the near future. Write what you are passionate about and what you actually want to write. In short, be yourself.

So the next time your wife walks into the room you could say: Other men said they have seen angels, but I have seen you and that’s enough. Or just simply say, “thank you for being you.” Either way you will find yourself having a lot more fun with a bit of romance.

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